Monday, May 23, 2011

Sample Resumes

I have just posted the first set of hundreds of positions where you can review sample resumes, sample resume keywords and sample resume phrases. The purpose of this site and section on the website is to not only allow you to access resume templates, but now you can research and review specific keywords and phrases that can be used to help you write a resume. Sometimes the resume template is not enough! You also need to know how to word your experience on your resume. This new section will let you do just that!

Resume Samples

Just to give you an example, there are sample sales resumes, engineering sample resumes, and much more sample resumes to come!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 is now ready!

You can now find more sample resume templates and find a resume sample based by position at

There are also videos, and job club radio, and various other resume helps.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sample Resume Templates - Free resume templates!

Free Resume Templates

So a lot of people ask me about resume templates. Oftentimes I am not 100% sure what they are asking as there is a difference between a resume template and a sample resume. Oftentimes, it is more of a resume sample the are looking for, but you must start with a basic resume template before moving on to resume samples, much less free resume samples.

So I put together some of the most common resume templates. They are all in Word format, which means if you would like to access them, you can simply click on one of the thumbnails below and if you like what you see, you can use the resume template to get started in writing a resume of your own. There are 16 resume templates here to get started with more to be added as I grow my database.

Free Resume Samples

When it comes to resume samples, I will be working on those soon, so stay in touch and be looking for more to come. For example if you are in sales, you will be able to find sample sales resumes, or sample customer service resumes, or sample manager resumes, etc.

Free Resume Tips

In looking at the samples resumes below, keep in mind that to write a resume, this can be a task in and of itself! So, while these templates will get you started, I do have an article on resume tips to help you in writing a resume and knowing what to write and what not to write. Writing a resume should not have to be too hard, and the biggest thing is you want to avoid being a resume spammer, something HR folks avoid like the plague.

To see the article on resume tips, please go to Resume Tips and read it through. It will take just a few minutes!

Sample Resumes:

Resume Sample 1 Resume Sample 2

Resume Sample 3 Resume Sample 4

Resume Sample 5 Resume Sample 6

Resume Sample 7 Resume Sample 8

Resume Sample 9 Resume Sample 10

Resume Sample 11 Resume Sample 12

Resume Sample 13 Resume Sample 14

Resume Sample 15 Resume Sample 16